About Myleodysplastic Syndrome

With help from UpToDate, a website that specializes in different levels of patient education materials, the following information is intended to help people living with myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS. UpToDate and information provided is actively monitored and maintained by physician experts in their respective fields. 

The Basics
"The Basics" are short (1 to 3 page) articles written in lay language. They answer the 4 or 5 most important questions someone might want to know about a medical problem. These articles are best for people who want a general overview. The Basics articles are also available in Spanish. 

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Beyond the Basics
"Beyond the Basics" articles are 5 to 10 pages long and more detailed than "The Basics". These articles are best for readers who want a lot of detailed information and who are comfortable with some technical medical terms. 

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